For years, Thom the piper has passionately played his various bagpipes sharing his soul with the world. His fingers dance across the flute as his body echoes each magical tone. With every stomp of his foot energy merges with the self-composed melodies, capturing listening ears and watching eyes. Together with the vibrant rhythms of Ugo Marras and Mirjam Gosteli and the Bass of David Pendleton, Marama Tribe is formed. This band breathes life into the heart of their music, summoning the spirit of the bagpipe lifted by driving drums!

“Playing with Marama Tribe is like letting out your whole fire at once. Full power absolutely in the present. Beyond the strain in your arms, the beat gets further, faster, wilder… Feeling the driving melodies and thundering beats with your whole body… People dance like mad… It’s pure energy! Wild, untameable, loud. It’s like running screaming into the wild or being in a lightning storm. Thank you music. Without you, life would be like sour chocolate”. M.G.

Picture: Giovanni Baroni