For many years, Thom the piper has passionately played his bagpipes and flutes, sharing his soul with the world.
His fingers dance across the flute as his body echoes each magical tone.
With every stomp of his foot, energy merges with the melodies, capturing curious ears and wondering eyes.
Together with the vibrant rhythms of Ugo Marras and Mirjam Gosteli, and the bass of David Pendleton, Marama is formed. The band breathes life into the heart of their music, summoing the spirit of the bagpipe,
lifted by driving drums and a vibrating bass.

The journey of Marama started in the year 2000 as a street performance, all across Switzerland.
For many years they were known as a stunning fireshow-group in wich the fireartists made the music themselves
with bagpipe and frenetic drum rhythms.
In the year 2008 Marama started to concentrate fully on the music, leaving the fireshow on a second place.
Since then, they bring the fire within their music everywhere they play.

“Marama” means moon in the Maori language from New Zealand, Tribe stands for the audience, the dancers and for everyone who supports the band by booking them, making pictures, videos, sending lovely messages…

Dear Tribe: You are the best! May the moon shine bright on your paths!


Mail: band(at)

Phone: +41 78 695 81 78